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A bit about us:

Charlemagne Kennels was established in 1971 by Marilyn to show and breed Cavalier King Charles Spaniels – hence the royal kennel name.   Success was enjoyed with this little breed and then Brian joined with his Great Dane “Ch Noble Nero of Coledane” in 1972 starting something that we never could have foreseen as the most successful and enjoyable years following for us in our beloved breed Great Danes.

The two breeds we showed were shown all over the North Island of New Zealand, and we soon built up a reputation of breeding quality and soundness, but to this day we are still renowned for our excellent temperaments in all our breeds.
At the time of starting out we had 4 small children who were dragged along with us and today our two girls still show and breed dogs, but alas we lost the boys to other interests.

Carrie was showing dogs at the tender age of 4 years and at 5 years was told by a prominent judge to quit the child handlers as she was to good, and to this day is still an excellent handler of danes and her Smooth Coat Fox Terriers in the ring.  Needless to say Carrie had her own breed for awhile and concentrated on Rough Coated Collies, and having some success but it was short lived as her love of Danes she had been bought up with crept back in.

Carrie now has her own son Jamie and with all fingers crossed he will turn out to be our next generation handler as good as his mum.

Hayley also showed dogs at a tender age and participated in the Pal Junior Handler classes with great success, winning her heat at the age of 13years.   She also had her own breed the Dalmatian of which she still has one as a pet.   Her love as a child was a German Shepherd and she also has one of these.

Hayley handles our dogs and always is given the hard ones as she has something about her that can make the naughtiest dog perform well.

Both girls handle our dogs to perfection and we are very proud of both of them.  Brian and Marilyn now can sit by the ring and watch as the dogs are in excellent hands.

We also had success along the way with Tibetan Terriers and it was quite common to see us represent the Non Sporting Group for best of group with a Great Dane – Dalmatian – and a Tibetan Terrier, once or twice taking Best Of Group with the Tibetan and Res Of Group with the Dane or vice versa.

The Tibetans were a hard habit to break and we have since got ourselves a little girl ‘Bree’ along with a dog ‘Teddy” from the Caerlaverock kennels and look forward to a great future with this breed once again after around 5yrs break from this delightful breed.

Marilyn turned her attention slightly for a wee while to Bull Terriers of which she still has and her first dog was made up to a champion handled by her & Hayely at a very early age.

After losing Fagan we aquired our much loved brindle girl ‘Demi’ and have had fun showing her and making her a champion and now we have her kids to follow on after her in the ring and two are now in Australia with top kennels being shown.

In 2009 Marilyn & Hayley imported a white bitch from the Shirvin Kennels in Australian, ‘Frankie’ who has gone on to be the top winning bitch if not the top winning Bull Terrier in NZ.   After Frankie came ‘Axel’ who with his clownish ways has everyone in love with him.

Our dogs also share their lives with 3 Burman Cats and 3 moggy cats who just don’t stand any nonsense from the dogs at all.

Brian took up judging in 1975 and has judged all over NZ and parts of Australia.  He is licensed to judge Non Sporting, Utility and is a specialist judge of Cavalier King Charles Spaniels.   He would rather judge than show and gets a great deal of enjoyment out of a days judging.

Charlemagne has representatives from their chosen breeds all over and have Tibetan Terriers in Australian as well as NZ who have done extremely well for us.    We have Great Danes in other parts of the world who also have achieved success and have sent semen from our top dog to many parts of the world. Charlemagne has exported to Australia, Hawaii, Singapore, Guam to name a few.

We achieved the unachievable in a very short space of time and bred NZ top Great Dane Ch Charlemagne James Bond who for four years represented us with In Show awards and amassed an incredible 182 challenge points.  Alongside him was his niece Ch Charlemagne Red Red Wine” who was runner up to her uncle for two years.

Charlemagne’s dedication to the breed is for breed type, soundness and temperament and we will continue to produce puppies who not only have success in the show ring but just as important in our eyes make an excellent family pet.